Welcome to surrey farm from abp. Premium quality, 21 day matured british beef. All our meat is sourced from farms across England and processed in Surrey and adheres to the highest standards of quality And safety, allowing us to promise you natural, tender and matured Beef... every time.

Created By Nature

Grasslandbeef ® - Is the Brand name for an ABP initiative designed to create the next generation of beef which is Healthier, Sustainable and focused on Animal welfare.

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Selected By Hand

Consistency is key - We understand our clients want a range of delicious premium steak cuts that are reliably tender and have just the right amount of flavour every time.

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Matured By Time

Just as soon as each case of Surrey Farm beef is packed our brand supervisor applies a maturation label to the outside of each case.

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Latest News

ABP were delighted to welcome Jonathan Greaves of T&G Wholesale Meats Ltd to see the processes involved in the production of Surrey Farm.

T&G are a family run business with over 25yrs experience in the UK meat industry. The continuing success of T&G is down to the dedicated team of individuals who work around the clock to provide a personal and professional service to local butchers and caterers throughout the South East.

Jonathan Greaves of T&G commented “Surrey Farm is well-established and recognised within the industry as a premium brand with its innovative methods of farming, producing 21 day matured beef that is extremely tender and packed with flavour. We at T&G are delighted to be able to offer our customers such a premium product.”

For more information on local butchers and caterers who supply Surrey Farm, please contact the team at T&G Wholesale Meats -

Office: 01344 626402

email: info@tgwholesalemeats.co.uk

or alternatively you can visit the website: www.tgwholesalemeats.co.uk